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You will also be assigned to a Sales Manager who will guide you further and be there to answer every question you might have.

Job Description

Learn the Process

How To Setup Appointments

Nothing beats picking up the phone & calling business owners

Who to Call ?

Simply focus on an industry, such as : Dentists, Chirporactors , Accountants , Solar companies, Landscaping companies, Photographers etc. 

How to Call ?

Search on Google or Yelp for businesses that fit your industry of focus - look up their phone number & email address, visit their website & see what help they need.

How to use your Sales Script

Pick up the phone and call the client - following the script we will provide you.
No phone # ? Just email them !
Schedule a meeting in our CRM system.

How To Use The CRM

You'll get trained on our CRM system - where you'll be logging all the leads , the clients info & notes of every client - so our "sales closers" could reach out to them and close the deal.
Our CRM system is very simple and user friendly - where you can easily drag and drop a client to any state and add any info you think might help our Sales team.

You do not need to close the deal... just convince the business owner to schedule a time to talk with our Sales team.

How to schedule a meeting?

You will be assigned to a "sales agent" and get access to his Calendar.
When you have a booked appointment - simply open his Calendar and book a meeting for them.

You just need to include the client's name & phone number - and our sales agent will get the rest of the info from our CRM system; feel free to include notes.

Visit our Employee Academy

There's a lot more to learn and we have videos and guides that will give you better understanding of all the tools we use - all the services we provide and general info on how to become better as your job.

Knowledge is power - the more you know, the easier your job will get.

We are happy to have you aboard!

Advertise Robot is all about being smart & effective at your work - and we understand that this job may not fit everyone... in fact, 1 out of 4 employees do not last more than a month.
But for the rock stars that do stay and are good at their job - we offer promotions , benefits and lots of bonuses and perks.
For example - we give a prize every month to the person who booked the most meetings ( last month it was a new iphone 12 , but we had anything from hotel packages to cars !).

I'm sure you'll enjoy working here and looking fowards to your sucsess.

Marie Kubin

Advertise Robot CEO

Your Success is our Success

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