Hire chat agents for $1/hour & never miss another chat again

We staff your site 24/7, create a personal connection, and drive more leads & sales

Don’t let your customer bounce off your pages, offer them live help on your website and make sure you secure the sale or resolve customer service issue the first time round.

Our professional website chat operators will take care of your clients 24 x 7 as if they were your own staff. With your competitors only a click away, giving customers the experience they demand, whilst at the browsing stage means you keep customers on your site and you keep them happy.

How Does It Works

  • Your Customers Visit Your Website
  • They Interact Live With Our Product/Service Trained Chat Agents
  • Our Chat Agents Answer Sales & Support Queries
  • You Are Notified Of Sales Leads Instantly

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Customer Testimonials:

We are international so we have visitors from all time zones 24/7, so we had live chat on our website even before we hired Advertiserobot. But their agents were just better, because we had 17% increase in sales. More importantly, we no longer need to keep a Sales team on-site - that saves us thousands a month. We paid 3 sales people $45/hr working in shifts, and now we pay only $1/hr​... I cannot write it without laughing. Love it !

Anna George - CTO, Madcore 

Having the Live Chat increased our sales in over 40%, almost over night - but the most surprising benefit was actually the huge cut in the number of support emails we're getting daily. It seems clients prefer to get support over Live Chat than email; from 200+ emails a day - we got down to 25-30. The Live Chat agents are doing amazing job answering all the repeatable questions we used to answer over endless emails. Such a relief !

Marc Jacobs - CEO, Deals Hive


Our service is free for 7 days, then just $1/hour and you can chose your hours.

Fully functional, with no charge.

You are under no obligation when you try our service.

You can cancel at any time plus you keep all the leads.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Test drive our LIVE CHAT AGENTS & see how easy it is to
amaze your customers with faster, more responsive service.

Days & Weekends ONLY

Need us on evenings and weekends only?
Or 18+/hrs a day? Schedule 128/hrs a week, and we'll be there so you don't have to.




  • Coverage: 128hrs/week
  • Chats: Unlimited
  • Concurrency: 2 chats at once
  • Account Rep: 24x7
  • No Lock-in Contract
Double Shift

Need to cover two shifts?
Schedule 80/hrs a week, and be there more often for your prospects & customers.




  • Coverage: 80hrs/week
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Brick and mortar stores have a 20% conversion rate of visitors that turn into customers. Online only has 2%. Why is that?

The trouble with websites is that customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision. 
Rather than watching potential customers click away from their site, live chat provides convenient answers that you customers want, while increasing sales and the bottom line of your company.

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Advertise Robot is the only Live Chat agency in the world that uses in-house American staff - born & raised here in the US, with Fluent English.

Each of our Live Chat agents go through a full training on your website & specific services/products, and are able to answer both technical & sales questions, just as if they were your own Sales Team.
They follow your exact instructions, including how to answer specific questions & what coupons to give and to who.


Live Chat Benefits

Boost SalesBoost Sales

Offering a chat option on your website provides loads of new and otherwise lost leads that can turn into a significant sales increase.

Helps RefocusHelps Refocus

Will allow you to refocus on those business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service in the back-office.

Reduce CostReduce Cost

Live chat enables sales & customer service assistance for notably lower costs than a typical telephone call or in-person interaction.

Convert MoreConvert More

Website visitors who participate in live chat tend to convert 3-4 times as often as those who don’t due to the instant assistance.

Increase LoyaltyIncrease Loyalty

Online shopper and web site visitors prefer Live Chat , as it doesn’t involve a channel shift or disrupt the customer’s experience.

Edge CompetitorsEdge Competitors

By adopting the website chat service technology early will give you that competitive advantage over your rivals who don’t have it.

Build TrustBuild Trust

Your online visitors will trust you more if they have a real live person to talk to immediately incase of any concerns during purchase.

Improve ServiceImprove Service

When you offer live chat on your business web site, it allows you to decrease response time and increase customer satisfaction.

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