Who is it for , what are the options & what will you get from us ?


Our partner & white label programs are aimed towards individuals and companies who want to offer Digital Marketing services to their clients, but don't have the resources, knowledge or industry insight in the Digital marketing world. If you simply want to add the service to your current offerings but don't want the overhead - this is the solution for you ! We will support your sales process in any level you need and will even provide our sales material and Media Kits, co-branded to your company.

Are you a good fit ?

  • Traditional Non-Digital Advertising Agencies
  • Web Design Firms
  • PR Agencies
  • Ad Serving Networks
  • Creative Freelancers seeking to expand
  • Printing Companies
  • Web Hosting Companies

How can we do it ?

Referral – most popular method, you simply refer us clients & get commission for each client for as long as they remain with us; Commissions range from 15-25% depending on the type of engagement.

Partner – we come help your client in whatever digital marketing needs they have; you introduce us to your client as a 3rd party agency (under Advertise Robot branding) and we would work together with, helping your the client as your partners. Our focus would be digital while yours may be otherwise but we both work towards client growth.


White Label – we do the work while you get all the glory... This option keeps AdvertiseRobot  out of sight from your client - all communication, tasks & reporting would go through you to the client.

Every report & document will be branded as your own, so you could present to the client directly.

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